Comments on Uniform of Kings Orange Rangers.
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Comments on Uniform of Kings Orange Rangers

NOTE: These comments are discussion of this source by individual members of the history committee and do not represent consensus of the committee, nor necessarily the final conclusions of the member making the comments.

Charles B. Baxley, cbbaxley:

[Mac McGee] believes that there was a detachment of King's Orange Rangers commanded by Capt. John Coffin present at the Battle of Camden from "KOR" buttons recovered there. He believes that they were attached to the British Legion cavalry. I wonder if the KOR detachment may have been a part of Cornwallis bodyguard that came with him from Charleston. I think that Calvin has a KOR button in his collection.

Calvin Keys, lockkeys:

A small number of the King's Orange Rangers would have been attached to other British companies at Camden. [See Calvin Key's Buttons and Gadgets, item "f."].

John Robertson: