Abstract of 7 July 1782 letter from Otho H. Williams to Gov. T. S. Lee of Maryland: complaints of Maryland troops.
  • Both Gates and Green have approved of Maryland troops behavior.
  • Troops express their complaints respectfully.
  • Since Spring 1780, Maryland troops have received no pay, have been without adequate clothing, and without any subsistence other than that which they have taken by force.
  • Others serving with them have received bounties for 3 years when they have received none.
  • All those recruited to reinforce them have received pay and subsistence before leaving their home state.
  • Requests that the governor and council petition Congress to use part of the money raised in Maryland to pay the troops.
  • Failure to address this concern may result in trouble from the common soldiers.
Source: Historical Records Survey (Md.), Calendar of the General Otho Holland Williams papers in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md., The Maryland Historical records survey project, 1940. Use control-f and search for "[156]"