Partial abstract of 23 September 1780 letter from Otho H. Williams to Col. John Stull
  • Written from near Hillsborough NC.
  • Gates is using Williams in most departments of the army.
  • Williams would like to decline the extra duties but Gates will not permit it.
  • Williams primary interest is his own 6th MD Regiment, because he believes it to be the basis for his military reputation.
  • Williams has been unable to obtain tent, blankets or shoes for the 6th Rgt.
  • 6th Rgt. is fairly well armed and its numbers are increasing due to the return of escaped captives.
  • The British have not dared penetrate far into the interior due to effective harrassment by the outnumbered militia.
  • Williams asks that letters to his family not be divulged even to his closest acquaintances.
Source: Historical Records Survey (Md.), Calendar of the General Otho Holland Williams papers in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md., The Maryland Historical records survey project, 1940. Use control-f and search for "[53]"