Partial abstract of 12 October 1780 letter from Otho H. Williams to Col. Alexander Scammell
  • Williams' arduous duty plus having been defeated in a general action explain his not having submitted expected reports.
  • All their papers were lost except the general's.
  • Officers are unable to provide the required data.
  • Having no way to differentiate killed and captured, most such are reported as missing.
  • Williams has no instructions on duties as inspector and had drawn up his own form.
  • Williams requests Scammel to send him any officially approved form and any instructions from Congress regarding his duties as inspector, if such exist.
  • Major John Armstrong, appointed Deputy Adjutant General, has been sick the entire campaign, so Williams has had no assistant.
  • Gates has relieved Williams of some duties since Williams duties as commandant of his own regiment have increased.
  • Williams notes that, despite his best efforts, some of his friends consider him to be condescending.
Source: Historical Records Survey (Md.), Calendar of the General Otho Holland Williams papers in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md., The Maryland Historical records survey project, 1940. Use control-f and search for "[57]"