Partial abstract of 19 October 1780 letter from Col. Alexander Scammell to Otho Holland Williams
  • Return of Williams division is better than he had expected from Gates initial report, although Gates had ridden express himself.
  • Initial fear had been of a general massacre, but all were overjoyed that so many had been able to retreat. The dead and captured are mourned.
  • Williams is congratulated on his "laurels".
  • Nathanael Greene will be sent shortly to replace Gates.
  • Gates has been recalled for an inquiry.
  • Eastern states losing confidence in militia since Gates no longer trusts them.
  • Requests that Williams send a return differentiating between MD and DE troops.
Source: Historical Records Survey (Md.), Calendar of the General Otho Holland Williams papers in the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Md., The Maryland Historical records survey project, 1940. Use control-f and search for "[59]"