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Reports Overview

When your visitors search your site, we log what they entered and create reports for you by day, week, and month. These reports let you understand what visitors are looking for on your site. Use this information to improve your site design or to further improve the search results for your visitors.

Choose a report type and time frame to create a customized report.

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December, 2002

61 total searches, 60 words (1 to 20)

Graph Count Word Results Count
5 rugley 3
4 bower 18
3 fields 22
3 moore 4
2 camden 95
2 cochrane 97
2 conservation 5
2 foundation 5
2 generals 143
2 major 97
2 palmetto 5
2 pdf 0
2 provincial 2
2 robert 0
2 rootsweb 0
2 royal 2
2 washinton 21
1 blank query* 0
1 archives 2
1 babbit 0
The 61 total searches includes 4 searches from clicking links such as Next, Previous, Sort by Date, Sort by Score, Hide Summaries and Show Summaries.
* A blank query is a search submitted with no text entered in the search form.

November, 2002

200 total searches, 168 words (1 to 20)

Graph Count Word Results Count
5 middleton 3
4 nc 73
4 of 138
4 ross 2
4 thomas 41
4 william 15
3 christie 4
3 glover 21
3 harrison 1
3 hickman 22
3 james 38
3 jersey 88
3 mitchel* 9
3 stephen 15
3 zenas 0
2 29th 43
2 army 141
2 batallion 43
2 boring 13
2 brown 87
The 200 total searches includes 26 searches from clicking links such as Next, Previous, Sort by Date, Sort by Score, Hide Summaries and Show Summaries.

Press the Reset Reports button to reset all report information for this account. All search terms entered by your visitors will be removed.

About Your Reports

The tables above tell you what visitors are searching for on your site in their own words for the time period specified. The total searches is the number of searches performed during the time period. Phrases shows the number of searches in which a single word or a full phrase was searched for while words shows the number of searches in which a particular word occurred (either alone or as part of a phrase).

The Graph column is a quick visual representation as to the relative number of searches for a particular word or phrase. This helps you quickly determine which search queries matter most to your visitors.

The Count column indicates the number of times that visitors have searched for a particular phrase or word on your site for the time specified in the report. This helps you answer the important question of what are visitors looking to find on your Web site.

The Search Phrase/Word column indicates the phrase or word your visitors are searching for. This column is hyperlinked so you can easily check the actual search results for any phrase or word. There are two special entries which can show in this column:

  • [ Next/Previous ] -- A search done using the "Next 10", "Previous 10", "Show Summaries", "Hide Summaries", or other such links from your search template. (Also, searches you do using the links above will be reported in this category.) In general, these are searches where the visitor did not see desired data on the initial search results page.
  • [ blank query ] -- A search done without a search term. The visitor pressed the "Search" button without typing any search words.

The Results Count column indicates the average number of search results displayed for each particular search phrase or word. If Results Count is zero (or close to zero) your visitors are typically finding no results for the search. If Results Count is large, you may want to tune your site to be sure the right pages are top ranked. You can use either the target meta tag or synonyms features of Atomz Search to tune the search results for the phrase or word.

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